Customer Testimonials

Learn how we have helped create smarter, more sustainable facilities.



Case Studies


"Verdigris is a key part of our Arm Smart Building Initiative, which includes our own Pelion Smart Spaces."

Grand Hyatt San Francisco

"We are reducing consumption annually without requiring action by our facilities team and zero impact on guest comfort."

Marina Mechanical

"Verdigris provides a phenomenal amount of data ... it allowed us to identify issues that we would not have otherwise been able to catch"

Orchard Hotel Group

"See how Verdigris helped the Orchard Hotel Group improve the efficiency of its understaffed engineering team."

W Hotel San Francisco

"In just three months, Verdigris identified over $13,000 of energy waste and equipment problems in the kitchen at the W Hotel."

Vention Medical

"Vention approached Verdigris to get help going above and beyond their customers' specific requirements for sustainability."

Grand Hyatt

"We’ve talked about demand management with PG&E... about how we could do it, when we would cut and where... but we could never set a plan about how we would actually do it. Verdigris is going to help us do that."

Fortune Global 2000

"Identified 19% energy savings while increasing productivity by $300k through HVAC optimization"

S&P Global

"We estimated that AI-driven integration with energy storage control and building monitoring can save 21% of its electricity cost."

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