Start with a simply better energy meter

With highly-granular energy data down to the circuit level, you can improve your energy efficiency, catch equipment issues faster, and keep your building running smoothly.

All at the lowest cost per metered endpoint in the industry.

Easy installation for immediate savings

We designed our energy meters to be simple to install with less shutdown time required, and affordable at scale.

- Energy data gateway mounts directly to the panel, with no external conduit or enclosure required
- Verdigris Smart CTs clamp on easily and daisy-chain together for safe, clean wiring and simple debugging
- Open loop design reduces mechanical stress and weight on breakers

So you can quickly start monitoring equipment health and reducing energy consumption.

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Simple, scalable install

Built for enterprise scale, install and setup in hours (vs. weeks or months)

Highly-granular data

Detailed data down to the circuit level, sampled at 8 kHz

Revenue-grade accuracy

+/- 0.5% accuracy, comparable to ANSI 12.20 certified meters

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"Verdigris provides a phenomenal amount of data. It allowed us to drill down and identify the issues that we would not have otherwise been able to catch. Verdigris was collecting data down to the minute and with that data we were able to spot times when chillers were running when they shouldn’t be."

Jim Hussey
Marina Mechanical

IoT Device Management for Enterprise-Scale Reliability

For large organizations who need to set up, monitor, and maintain connected devices enterprise-wide, we offer efficient IoT device management at scale. Verdigris will:

Remotely and continuously commission circuits and validate data

Monitor health and remotely troubleshoot problems

Manage over-the-air firmware and security updates

Simple setup process with our mobile-friendly app

Validate successful installation, set up network connectivity, and label panel and in one single app.

No more siloed data, no more remote access issues

Verdigris makes it possible for you to digitize any electrical panel or switchgear, so your team can access energy data from anywhere.

Offering native Ethernet support, native 480 V delta support, and a wide operating temperature range, Verdigris EV2 energy meters can monitor any indoor or outdoor electricity main, distribution panel feed, and circuit breakers in any commercial or industrial building.


Analog Inputs

  • Up to 42 channels or 14 three-phase equipment
  • 4 voltage measurement channels (100-400 Vac)

Panel Types Supported

Works with a range of electricity main switchboards, sub-panels, MCCs, and breaker boxes


50-60 Hz

Current Measurement Range (Amperage)

0.25 A - 15,000 A


WiFi, Ethernet, or cellular (4G LTE)

Data Access

  • Available 24/7 from any desktop web browser
  • Integrate via BACnet IP or Modbus TCP
  • Download in CSV
  • Verdigris APIs



Voltage, Current, Power Factor, Apparent Power, Reactive Power, Voltage Total Harmonic Distortion, Current Waveform, Voltage Waveform

Cloud API:

Energy, Power, Power Factor, Voltage Total Harmonic Distortion, Current, Voltage, Rate Schedules, End Uses, Relational Meter Hierarchy, Energy Consumption Forecasting, Weather


Unlimited storage for continuous recording (minutely granularity)


Two-year standard, extended options available

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