We believe energy intelligence is the key to eliminating electricity waste.

Our global economy increasingly relies on critical facilities like data centers and logistics fulfillment centers to run 24/7. But it turns out that more than a third of the electricity these buildings consume is wasted—adding up to $120B and 250M metric tons of CO2 annually in the U.S. alone.

Why so much waste? Because buildings run on guesswork, and energy analysis is hard.

While buildings themselves and the complexity of their electrical load have significantly changed over the past two decades, the tools and processes to manage them haven't evolved to keep up.

Until now.

We’ve developed advanced sensor technology that can be quickly and easily installed into any building’s electrical panels to get granular data down to the circuit level. Our proprietary AI algorithms enrich the data streams, and analytics reveal clear actions to take to increase the efficiency and reliability of the electrically-run equipment in the building. Adaptive automation takes those insights one step further, saving money effortlessly.

With tens of millions of square feet monitored and growing, each day we are motivated by our mission.

Sustain and enrich human life with responsive energy intelligence.

Our customers are leading the way towards smarter, more sustainable buildings.

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We are energy engineers and data scientists, product experts and entrepreneurs. Our team brings experience from some of the world’s most successful companies and startups.


We’re proud to be backed by venture capital firms and strategic partners who are committed to a more carbon-free future.

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