Cut Energy Costs While Keeping Guests Happy

You’re spending more than you need to on HVAC, but you can’t afford to risk your guests’ comfort. We can help you pinpoint safe ways your hotel can save money, and find equipment issues before they impact operations.

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Ensuring guest comfort and controlling energy consumption is a delicate balancing act for Grand Hyatt San Francisco. We are reducing consumption annually without requiring action by our facilities team and zero impact on guest comfort.
Ken Keidan
Director of Engineering
Grand Hyatt San Francisco

Grand Hyatt saves 20% with Adaptive Automation

By automatically reducing equipment loads during high-demand periods, Grand Hyatt reduced energy expenses without sacrificing guest comfort — with no additional effort required from onsite staff.

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With Verdigris, you can detect equipment issues before they impact hotel operations. Get alerts about devices running when they shouldn’t be, like a kitchen oven left on overnight. Compare energy usage across properties to identify and implement best practices.

All while Adaptive Automation learns your hotel’s patterns and adjusts HVAC controls, reducing energy expenses effortlessly and without impacting guest comfort.

So your onsite staff can focus on projects that improve the guest experience.


Get full visibility into energy consumption down to the device level

Automate demand management and response for >30% yearly ROI

Reduce energy expenses with zero additional effort required from onsite staff

Detect equipment issues before they impact operations or guest comfort

Prioritize, measure and verify the impact of energy efficient upgrades

Benchmark performance across properties to reveal opportunities for savings

Get better energy insights today

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