Commercial Real Estate Energy Savings on Autopilot

Verdigris helps building owners and managers save time and increase net operating income (NOI). Our AI learns your building’s energy patterns, and automatically adjusts HVAC controls throughout the day to save you 20-30% in energy costs.

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Verdigris is a great tool, it gives me the energy data transparency I need to make sure there are no issues that will impact the comfort of my tenants.
Matt Bryant
Chief Operations Manager
Block 300, JLL

JLL gets the detailed data they need to uncover energy inefficiencies

Verdigris is helping JLL detect anomalies that could impact tenant comfort, identify ways to reduce total and peak demand charges, and measure and verify the impact of their energy efficient upgrades.

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One of the easiest ways to increase your NOI, increase asset value, and increase asset marketability is to take a look at your building’s energy consumption. Buildings in the U.S. account for over 40% of all energy consumption, and a lot of it is going to waste.

Verdigris helps property owners and operators get visibility into their energy data, and quickly identify actions to take. With Verdigris Adaptive Automation, our customers have saved 20-30% on their HVAC costs without sacrificing tenant comfort.

All while taking a meaningful step towards sustainability.


Get full visibility into energy consumption down to the device level

Maximize profitability with improved energy efficiency and automated demand response

Attract higher quality tenants with smart building technology

Proactively find issues before they impact your building occupants

Prioritize, measure and verify the impact of energy efficient upgrades

Save money effortlessly with automated HVAC optimization

Get better energy insights today

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