Improve Your Data Center’s Energy Efficiency & Reliability

Your capacity demands aren’t going anywhere but up. We can help you see exactly what’s happening with your energy consumption so you can improve power usage effectiveness (PUE) and detect anomalies before uptime is impacted.

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You’re likely to learn surprising things once you start digging into the data, things that go straight to the bottom line, and this was certainly the case for us.
Scott Dworkis
Infrastructure Engineer
Orange Silicon Valley

Shortly after installation, Orange Silicon Valley uncovered $40k/year in energy savings

Orange Silicon Valley, the innovation strategy subsidiary of Orange, turned to Verdigris to discover opportunities to be more energy efficient in its facilities. See how it quickly revealed an inaccuracy in their energy billing, leading to $40k/year in savings.

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The pace of digitization has accelerated, as companies moved quickly to adapt during the pandemic. Add to that 5G gaining momentum, and the demands on your data center are increasing rapidly. How can you plan your capacity upgrades at just the right time, deferring capital expenditures until they are really needed?

The answer starts with a simply better energy meter that installs easily and collects detailed, down-to-the-minute data. Data that can help you discover chillers running when they shouldn’t be. Identify power quality anomalies. Pinpoint the best places to invest in upgrades.

And above all, maintain the reliability of your critical infrastructure.


Get full visibility into energy consumption down to each server rack and device

Collect highly granular electrical data for the lowest cost per metered endpoint

Integrate real-time data into your data center operations and DCIM

Optimize power and cooling to improve energy efficiency while maintaining reliability

Detect anomalies to proactively identify equipment issues and improve maintenance

Diagnose power quality issues to prevent downtime from unplanned equipment outages

Get better energy insights today

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