Precise Energy Data & Analytics for Manufacturing

You can’t afford production downtime caused by unexpected equipment failure—especially if it was preventable. Verdigris helps you maximize uptime with predictive maintenance insights, and provides detailed energy data for cost allocation down to the equipment level.

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We use the Verdigris platform to gain insight into energy use at our factory that pays back almost immediately.
Taylor Keep
Head of Building Science

Katerra is modernizing building design, now with energy intelligence to match

Learn how Verdigris automatically labeled Katerra's load types with 98.9% accuracy, detected and alerted facility teams to energy usage anomalies, and identified phase imbalance issues.

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Getting the right information about your equipment at the right time can mean the difference between hitting your production targets, or coming up short.

Verdigris energy meters are simple to install with no downtime, and capture highly-granular electrical data down to the circuit level. This real-time energy intelligence gives you greater control and reliability, helping you reduce energy expenses and boost revenue through greater productivity.


Get precise energy cost allocation down to the equipment level

Access data from anywhere, in the Verdigris dashboard or via API

Prevent equipment downtime with predictive maintenance insights

Detect and diagnose short-cycling and power quality issues

Analyze process vs. auxiliary energy use to find ways to save

Meet sustainability requirements while improving profitability

Get better energy insights today

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