How do I manage users for my company, site, or building?

Use this guide to easily create, delete, or edit user accounts and permissions in the Verdigris Admin Console


Many Verdigris customers have multiple buildings in their account; consequently, they have users who should have access to the data for some buildings but not other buildings. Verdigris provides an administrator interface, the Admin Console, to enable you to manage the access permissions of individual users based on their role in your organization.

You can manage your users by looking for the "Admin Console" in the app menu, or by navigating directly to


Managing Users

The current roles supported are Account Owner, Building Admin, and Building User.

Account Owner: Account owners are the primary administrator(s) for site wide access to data and users. Account owners can create and modify user profiles (including passwords) for any user at any building in the account, and can manage which buildings each individual user can access.

Building Admin: Building Admins are the administrators for any building of which they are a member. They are able to modify profiles and add or remove access for users only in the buildings they administer.

Building User: Building Users can access information related to the buildings for which they've been given access, but are not able to modify anything outside of their own user preferences.


Building User Roles

Once a user is created, they will receive an email from our system with their login credentials, password reset link, and other relevant links.

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