Verdigris for Property Management

Operational savings and transparent billing adds value straight to your cap rate

Put your energy data to work for you

Demand-side management means reducing the power that your building uses (demands) at certain times of the day. Demand charges can account for 30-50% of your monthly electricity bill, so controlling demand could save you a lot of money. For example, while your base kWh rate might be $0.10, the single highest 15 minute usage could be charged at $20.00/kW!
There are a few times that you are charged for high demand:*

  • The largest kW interval for the month (max demand charge)
  • The largest kW interval during peak hours ( peak demand charge)
  • Additional “peak event” charges during hot Summer months

*Demand charges vary by utility provider

How Verdigris helps

Submetering office space allows property managers to improve nearly every aspect of their operation. Our web-connected, end-to-end energy intelligence allows you to do all this with a single, easy install. And our unique algorithms drive deep savings into every corner of your building.

Improve billing transparency by charging for actual use

Automate data collection from every building, in real time

Align incentives for investing in new projects

Quantify and reduce common area spending

Happy Tenants = Happy Landlords

Face it – as a property manager, you’re not just in the building management business. Now you’re in the relationship management business. And if you’re among the best, you’re always looking for ways to improve your tenant relationships. With Verdigris, you can deliver transparency to tenants and optimize portfolio management operations. Adding value to both sides of the equation – now that’s good for everyone.