Verdigris for Operational Efficiency

Save time and money with advanced operational insights that make your staff more productive.

Why should you focus on improving operations?

For many building managers, the day-to-day needs of the job can’t be easily defined. Except to say that you’re constantly fighting one fire after another:

  • Broken Equipment – figuring out what’s not working, why, and repairing the problem
  • Unexpected Scheduling – someone on staff changes the BMS schedule incorrectly
  • Undiagnosed Issues – you learn about problems in your building from occupants, not your staff
  • Today’s process is labor intensive: daily walk-throughs to check equipment and preventative maintenance schedules to guess when something might break.

Today’s process too often relies on complaints. You shouldn’t have to wait for occupants to tell you about building problems.
Your building needs a 24/7 watchman.

How Verdigris helps

Verdigris delivers this information to you by email and mobile-friendly website. Access your crucial information anywhere, at any time. The Verdigris Energy Tracker App also provides real-time alerts of critical issues when they arise. No more guessing where problems might be – know where problems are, when they happen.

Unexpected operation or unplanned shutdown

Excessive power cycling and unbalanced multi-phase load

Signature anomalies that could point to equipment faults

Scheduling errors – linked systems not operating together, excessive pre-cooling, etc.

Take it to the next level: Predictive Equipment Failure

At the heart of Verdigris is our powerful artificial intelligence. Our algorithms learn and adapt to the specifics of your building and your equipment. Instead of just fixing things as they break, imagine if you already knew where the problems were. Verdigris can free your staff up to spend your valuable time on making your building world class.