Verdigris for Energy Efficiency

Measure and quantify your efforts and identify hidden inefficiencies

The missing piece of energy efficiency

You can’t change what you don’t measure. How do you know that your energy retrofits and upgrade projects are doing what they should? Verdigris measures at the circuit-level in addition to mains, so that we can tell you exactly how much energy each component saves.

  • Compare your building’s energy end uses ( lighting, HVAC, etc.) to national CBECS standards
  • Measure and verify planned efficiency upgrades like VFDs or LEDs
  • Identify motor problems that could be using excess energy

How Verdigris helps

Verdigris combines proprietary, high-speed sensors with our powerful artificial intelligence platform. Our patented algorithms drive real insight into your efficiency efforts. Weekly and monthly reports tell you how to improve. Instant notifications make sure you don’t miss a thing.

Make informed energy efficiency investment decisions through smart, measured tests

Isolate and quantify the results of large retrofit projects and “audit” vendor claims

Identify accumulated inefficiencies across large facilities

Go beyond the “low-hanging fruit” to get real results

Advanced Efficiency: Live Testing and Ongoing Commissioning

In the Verdigris dashboard, see where you’re winning on energy spend and find improvements. Once you have a few ideas, our team of Professional Engineers can help design an efficiency program. We’ll show you where you can improve. Want to replace an out-of-date chiller? Install a variable fan drive? Test a water-side economizer? we measure and quantify the real value you’re receiving at the device. And we continue to provide usable data over time, to hold your vendors and your team accountable.