Verdigris for Demand Response

Reduce energy spend by shifting time of use to avoid expensive peaks

Electricity Demand Management & Response

Demand-side management means reducing the power that your building uses (demands) at certain times of the day. Demand charges can account for 30-50% of your monthly electricity bill, so controlling demand could save you a lot of money. For example, while your base kWh rate might be $0.10, the single highest 15 minute usage could be charged at $20.00/kW!
There are a few times that you are charged for high demand:*

  • The largest kW interval for the month (max demand charge)
  • The largest kW interval during peak hours ( peak demand charge)
  • Additional “peak event” charges during hot Summer months

*Demand charges vary by utility provider

How Verdigris helps

You know you’re paying too much, but without the right data, you don’t know why. Verdigris shows you exactly which circuits drive high demand. We predict when peaks might be and help you and your staff make decisions about shifting loads.

Alerts you when forecasted demand is expected to cause a max demand charge

Recommends loads to shed and shift during high demand times

Analyzes costs of large loads like elevators and HVAC

Save money without affecting your building occupants

Take it to the next level with Automated Demand Response

When you are ready, you might also choose to participate in an ADR program. Some utility companies give rebates to facilities who commit to automatically reducing loads during key times. Verdigris can help you make a smarter ADR plan by finding the best loads to shed.

Ask us how to save up to $200/kW in New York City and $400/kW in Northern California with an ADR plan.