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Verdigris and Recurve Deliver Easy Access to Demand Flexibility Markets

We’re excited to announce our participation in the Peak FLEXmarket, a first-of-its-kind marketplace pilot program aimed at shifting energy use away from times of extreme demand by making it easier for property owners and managers to access demand response programs run by electric utilities.

Demands on the grid are growing. When stress on the grid is high, a utility can either increase the supply of electricity, often by turning to harmful fossil fuels, or they can pay customers to reduce their electricity use.Enter demand response programs, where utility companies incentivize customers to reduce energy consumption when stress on the grid is highest.

We recently introduced the Verdigris Energy Network, where a network of Verdigris buildings operates as a virtual power plant, supplying flexible power back to the grid when it needs it most. With increased flexibility, the grid does not need to use as much fossil fuel energy during periods of peak demand. In return, customers benefit by earning incentive payments for shifting their load.

The Peak FLEXmarket connects the dots between utility incentive programs and the customers that can benefit from these programs. The program runs on Recurve’s technology platform that facilitates integration of behind-the-meter demand flexibility resources into the energy grid through performance-based markets. The Peak FLEXmarket currently operates throughout the MCE service area in communities across Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, and Solano Counties in California.

The goal is to make participation in demand response programs easy and risk-free, while allowing Verdigris to remain focused on delivering energy optimization for our customers.

We love working with companies like Recurve that share our commitment to sustainability, innovation, and delivering customer value. Together we look forward to delivering a win-win for our customers, the grid, and the planet.