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Zombies, Monsters, and…Vampire Loads? Oh My!

What’s your Halloween costume?

I have a feeling nobody will be dressed as an energy-sucking overnight-running computer monitor.

But if you’re a commercial building engineer — or a cost-conscious homeowner — you can be sure that unknown devices in your building are sucking up energy when you don’t know about it.

These “vampire loads” are feeding on $19 billion of wasted energy each year.

In my home, I use consumer-grade devices to measure energy use at the plug load. After one plug-in, I learned that my DVR draws a constant 40W of power.

I spend almost $50 a year of use just to catch that one can’t-miss episode of The Walking Dead.

For larger commercial facilities, a 24/7 monitoring solution like Verdigris can catch these energy vampires — no garlic required. One customer had no idea that he was spending close to $20,000 every year on ballroom lighting between midnight and 5am. After staff intervention and some retraining, total usage was 18.8% lower over two months.

Overnight zombie dance parties prefer darkness, anyway!

Another great example comes from the W Hotel in San Francisco. Monitoring the kitchen of their award-winning in-house restaurant, Verdigris found many small devices that were never turned off. A TV, a pizza oven, lights in the walk-in freezer or over the stove. These vampire loads collectively added up to over $7,000 of electricity every year.

It may be another sunny day in California, but the vampire loads still lurk. Where are yours?

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