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What can energy intelligence do for you?

With granular data down to the circuit level, you can pinpoint equipment using excess energy, make informed energy efficiency investment decisions, and find hidden inefficiencies.

“Innovatus has seen tangible reductions in our energy costs, along with other unexpected benefits such as identifying equipment scheduling issues at several of our buildings.”
Bradley Seiden
Managing Director
Innovatus Capital Partners

Verdigris helps you measure and verify the impact of your energy efficiency investments, from lighting and HVAC upgrades to your electrical infrastructure.

“If granular real-time monitoring, monthly M&V reports, and equipment-level monitoring/alerts are required, Verdigris is the better option.”
— Smart Buildings Center: Automating the Measurement & Verification of Energy Efficiency

Our AI software not only forecasts and identifies loads to shed and shift, but also makes the adjustments in real-time to avoid peak demand charges and reduce energy spend.

“Ensuring guest comfort and controlling energy consumption is a delicate balancing act for Grand Hyatt San Francisco. Verdigris Adaptive Automation is making it a whole lot easier. We are reducing consumption annually without requiring action by our facilities team and zero impact on guest comfort.”
Ken Keidan
Director of Engineering,
Grand Hyatt San Francisco

Critical insights into power quality help extend the life of equipment while preventing overheating or malfunction, high maintenance costs, and power failures.

After a series of voltage jumps caused total harmonic distortion to skyrocket, one commercial real estate customer discovered the root cause was a faulty panel and prevented severe accidents and shutdowns.

Start with a Simply Better Energy Meter

Verdigris IoT energy meters are simple to install, affordable at scale, and capture highly-granular sub-second energy data down to the circuit level. All at the lowest cost per metered endpoint in the industry.

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Add Automation That Delivers Results

Verdigris Adaptive Automation uses AI to learn your building’s patterns and automatically optimize HVAC operations to deliver 30% yearly ROI or more.

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