Let us get that for you - Introducing Adaptive Automation

Building automation is expensive and difficult. Performance optimization requires periodic tuning to adapt to new loads and changing operating conditions. It doesn't have to be so hard.

Learn how we're different

Optimizes 24x7

The engine is both operating and improving long after you've gone home

Quantified savings

Service includes real-time energy dashboards and performance reporting for trusted results

Cost effective

Machine learning solves for labor, changing building requirements and variable asset loads

Grand Hyatt San Francisco utilizes Verdigris Adaptive AutomationTM to effortlessly reduce energy consumption and save money. This revolutionary technology helps the hotel save 20% of the controlled load while achieving an average monthly ROI of 41%.


Ken Keidan


Verdigris’ technology represents a paradigm shift in smart buildings and unlocks unprecedented potential for fully autonomous buildings.




Demand Management Report

Adaptive Automation reports summarize automated control activity so that you have information at your fingertips. Realize how ADM can contribute to savings without impacting operations or comfort.

Quantify the monetary savings of your Adaptive Automation program and observe when demand events occur and for how long. Request access now