Breakthrough Equipment for Superior Energy Monitoring

EV2 is the next generation of our monitoring equipment. With native Ethernet support, native 480 V delta support, and wider operating temperature range, the EV2 can monitor any indoor or outdoor electricity main, distribution panel feed, and circuit breakers in any building.

All this at the lowest cost per metered endpoint in the industry.

Easy Installation for Immediate Savings

Get live data within 24 hours with Turn-Key, white glove support. We provide assistance in several forms whether it's documentation, training videos, and direct support if you decide to tackle installation on your own.

Easy integration with your existing BMS or data store to utilize your existing infrastructure. This allows insights like identifying deteriorating equipment to ensure you're able to make operational adjustments and avoid downtime.

Faster commissioning means your entire system is validated and optimizing within months, not quarters.

Connectivity Options with Trusted Infosec Policies

The EV2 offers Wifi, Ethernet, and Cellular connectivity to ensure stability while meeting the highest infosec standards of our Fortune 500 customers. This allows us to maximize uptime and provide flexibility of installation options while ensuring the integrity of your data.



Analog Inputs

  • Up to 42 current measurement channels
  • 4 voltage measurement channels (100-400 Vac)

Breaker Panel Types Served

EV2 advanced energy meters work with a range of electricity main switchboards, sub-panels, MCCs, and breaker boxes. The Energy Data Gateway mounts external to the monitored breaker panel, or on a nearby wall or junction box.

  • Panel and voltage types (up to 42 breakers/panel)
  • Frequency: 50-60 Hz
  • Current Measurement range (Amperage): 0.25 A - 15,000 A

Data Available to You

Your high resolution data is transmitted securely via 4G LTE, WiFi, or Ethernet, and stored on the cloud. It's available 24/7 from any desktop web browser. You can also download in CSV, integrate via BACnet IP or Modbus TCP, or connect to our API at anytime.

* Data On-Premise also available for Enterprise purchase plans. Talk to a solutions architect.

Measurement Items

Energy, Voltage, Current, Active Power, Apparent Power Factor, Time Average Current, Time Average Active Power, Local Temperature, Reactive Power, Current Waveform Peak Value, Voltage Waveform Peak Value, Total Harmonic Distortion, Total Harmonic Current Distortion, Voltage Fundamental Waveform, Current Fundamental Waveform, Active Fundamental Waveform, Harmonic Voltage Content %, Harmonic Current Content %


2 year standard, extended options available