Better energy data, smarter decisions

Once you’ve collected down-to-the-minute energy data, what do you want to do with it? We offer an intuitive analytics dashboard and flexible data integrations.

Your data, your way

As high-resolution energy data is collected, it is streamed via common open communications protocols or to the cloud in real time over Ethernet, WiFi, or 4G/LTE. Our AI algorithms enrich the data streams to deliver clear insights, enabling proactive equipment maintenance, highly accurate energy forecasting, and advanced sustainability reporting.

Your real-time and historical data is available when and where you want it. Access it 24/7 in the Verdigris Analytics dashboard, or use our APIs to easily feed energy data into your existing building management system (BMS) or data lake.

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24/7 energy data

Highly-granular data leads to better decision-making

Flexible integrations

Data API enables custom application development

Compliance made easy

Detailed data helps you meet sustainability reporting requirements

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"Our use of Verdigris AI to help customers make better energy management decisions demonstrates ABB’s commitment to innovation in our products and quality in our services. With the new Energy Forecasting and Smart Alerts apps, AI drills down into the facility’s power data to pinpoint actionable opportunities for productivity improvements and energy cost savings."

Andrea Temporiti
Electrification Business & Smart Power Digital Lead

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