Verdigris Energy Platform

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Actionable notifications give you real-time insight about how to save money, energy, and time

Great data is only as good as the actions it encourages. That's why we focus on producing simple, actionable insights for you and your staff

Notifications instantly tell you when your equipment is consuming too much energy, oscillating, or spiking

Weekly reports keep you on top of progress toward goals, and predict upcoming energy usage and costs

Monthly reports examine your usage patterns for planning projects, M&V, and corporate reporting

Web dashboard allows you to troubleshoot live issues and analyze usage any time, from anywhere


Smart algorithms learn your building’s devices, energy spend, end uses, and equipment patterns

Don’t let energy inefficiency build up between audits and visual walkthroughs. Our algorithms constantly search for the overused and faulty equipment that leads to wasteful spending

Verdigris sends your data to the cloud to crunch on our servers with our smart, evolving algorithms

Verdigris combines our sensor data with temperature, occupancy and utility data to learn what’s “normal”

Verdigris analyzes the electrical signatures of your devices at high frequency to look for equipment faults

Verdigris data reveals patterns of energy waste unseen in walkthroughs, and it all happens constantly


Verdigris’ wireless hardware sends device electricity consumption data from your circuits to the cloud

Utility meter electricity information can’t pinpoint the source of facility problems. Our award-winning team designed a next-generation sensor to monitor your building electricity consumption down to the device

Verdigris clips directly onto building mains, distribution panels, and branch circuits

Any licensed electrician can install a Verdigris system in only 30-120 minutes per panel

Your circuits’ amperage and voltage are measured 8,000 times per second

Your data is transmitted securely over Wi‑Fi or Verizon 4G/LTE to the cloud

Technical Specs

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