Better Data, Smarter Buildings

Harness the power of artificial intelligence for more effective commercial facilities management.

X-ray vision for critical equipment

Find the problems you can't see. Verdigris' unique hardware provides rich data stream about your critical equipment. And our AI constantly scans this data, learning how to find the hidden problems in your building.

Learn what our AI can do > Autodesk
With Verdigris, my team can react faster to solve problems because we immediately know which panel will trip and when — to the second. That is huge! — Ken Whaley, Sr., Facilities Engineer, Autodesk

Manage your building with real‑time alerts

Your utility give you slow, chunky data — days or weeks late. Our advanced smartmeters use 4G/LTE sensors to collect detailed data, continuously. Our AI analyzes it and alerts you when something is wrong — right now.

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We were spending $20,000 a year on a fan and had no idea if replacing it would pay off. With Verdigris, we have real data to make that call. — Dave Gaborek, Chief Engineer, Grand Hyatt

Say goodbye to random walkthroughs

Real-time notifications, detailed analytics, summary reports, or public displays — our thoughtfully designed software delivers insights in any format. With a legacy BMS or without, Verdigris helps you focus on the problem spots in your building.

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Verdigris automatic reports gives us a fine-grained view of our energy consumption — without the hassle of labeling everything. I’m saving $9,000 a month on demand charges I would have missed. — Siddartha Singh, VP of Operations, StartX

Supercharge your facilities

Whether you’re managing one building or reporting CO₂e across your portfolio, we can help.


Predictive Analytics

Proprietary machine learning algorithms catch problems before they become critical.


High Frequency Sensors

Eliminate guesswork with realtime equipment-level feedback 24x7.


Modern Apps

Make life easy with automated reporting, specific insights and alerts.

See how easy it is to experience truly responsive energy intelligence.

Delivering insight into some of the world's smartest buildings

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