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Verdigris is the comprehensive electricity monitoring and notification system for commercial facilities

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  • Grand Hyatt
  • NASA
  • Jabil
  • IHG Group
  • Stanford
  • NRG
  • Autodesk

Reveal Issues

Learn about equipment issues before your staff does. Get real-time notifications and solutions that even your BMS may not know about.

Simplify Decisions

Audit vendor solutions and verify ROI on capital projects. Run smart, small tests to share with management before you spend big.

Prove Success

Demonstrate success with real data to get the resources you need to go further. Historical, granular reports track your real progress.

How Top Facilities Managers are Improving…

Operational Efficiency

Save time and money with advanced operational insights that make your staff more productive

Why should you focus on operational efficiency? For many building managers, the day-to-day needs of the job can’t be easily defined. Except to say that you’re constantly fighting one fire after another. Broken Equipment – figuring out what’s not working, why, and repairing the problem... [more]

Electricity Demand Management and Response

Reduce energy spend by shifting time of use to avoid expensive peaks

What is demand management? Demand management is simply reducing your energy usage during strategic times, usually to save money. Many utility companies charge large facilities a huge premium for using large amounts of energy. For example, while your base kWh rate... [more]

Energy Efficiency

Measure and quantify your efforts and identify hidden inefficiencies

The missing piece of energy efficiency
It may seem easy to make your building more efficient, but many simple fixes can add up to big expenses. In large commercial buildings, there are often unseen inefficiencies such as:
Lights left on when not in use from broken timers... [more]

“I am the GM of 2 hotels, always putting out fires, and it’s important for me to know what’s going on. Verdigris data is really helpful for me to see where there are problems.”

- Juan Bueno, General Manager, Orchard Hotel Group

How to Turn Green Buildings into Green Money

Commercial real estate energy efficiency makes financial sense. Verdigris energy sensors provide high definition data to maximize ROI

Generating revenue is better than avoiding costs – pretty much any business school will tell you that. What you may not know is that when your product is real estate, it’s possible to do both at once.

For a commercial real estate manager investing in sustainability, Verdigris provides high definition energy data that can generate huge additional value by:

How Vention Medical got on Track for a Sustainable 2016

Vention Medical device manufacturing saved thousands by partnering with Verdigris to...

In recognition of the link between human and environmental health and consumer demands for more sustainable products, healthcare supply chains are investing in sustainability.

Vention Medical is a global leader in complex medical device 

Office Wars: The Space Heaters Awaken

Every winter it happens...the space heaters emerge. What can facilities managers do?

The cold weather is here at Verdigris HQ (yes, it gets cold in California!) and we received the annual email titled,"Use of Office Space Heaters," from our landlords. This email was unsurprising: our NASA research campus building is old and inefficiently heated. My co-worker has his toasty toes next to a radiator, while I shiver 10 feet away in front of a drafty window. While Verdigris employees don't use space heaters (the force is with us!), it's easy to see why portable heaters are popular in offices with poor temperature control. The email goes on: