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Run Smarter Buildings with Better Data

Verdigris is the comprehensive electricity monitoring and notification system for commercial facilities

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  • Grand Hyatt
  • NASA
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  • IHG Group
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Find Issues

Learn about equipment issues before your staff does. Get real-time notifications and solutions that even your BMS isn't telling you.

Simplify Decisions

Quantify vendor benefits and prove, don’t estimate, actual ROI on capital projects. Run smart, measured tests to empower your team to invest with confidence.

Prove Success

Show your success in building management with real data to get the resources you need to go further. Validate repairs in real time. Automatically track and report your progress.

How Top Facilities Managers are Improving…

Smarter Facility Operations

Save time and money with actionable insights that make your staff more productive

Why should you focus on improving operations? For many building managers, you’re constantly fighting one fire after another. Broken Equipment – figuring out what’s not working, why, and repairing the problem... [more]

Electricity Demand Management and Response

Reduce energy spend by shifting time of use to avoid expensive peaks

What is demand management? Demand management means reducing the power that your building uses (demands) at certain times of the day. Demand charges can account for 30-50% of your monthly electricity bill, so controlling demand could save you a lot of money... [more]

Energy Efficiency

Measure and quantify your efforts and identify hidden inefficiencies

You can’t change what you don’t measure. How do you know that your expensive energy retrofits and upgrade projects are doing what they are supposed to do? Because Verdigris measures at the circuit level, we can tell you exactly how much energy each component is using. We can prove your actual ROI – your utility “smart” meter can’t do that... [more]

Property Management

Operational savings and transparent billing adds value straight to your cap rate

Building owners and managers are looking to quantify their operating costs in better detail – and shift these costs to tenants. But that problem is becoming increasingly difficult in modern commercial real estate... [more]

“I am the GM of 2 hotels, always putting out fires, and it’s important for me to know what’s going on. Verdigris data is really helpful for me to see where there are problems.”

- Juan Bueno, General Manager, Orchard Hotel Group

Motor Fault Detection and Diagnostics

A motor fault doesn’t necessarily mean it will stop working; however, the motor may be inefficient or close to complete failure and should be inspected.

Motors are the key component to many types of machines. We are specifically referring to three-phase induction motors. They run compressors, fans, blowers, elevators, pumps, conveyor belts, and turbines. Motors are simple and robust but they can fail.

The average failure rate for time to first failure is about 3.13%. Different components of a motor have different likelihoods of failure. Given a faulty motor, this is the likelihood of failure for the primary components:

A motor fault doesn’t necessarily mean it will stop working; however, the motor may be inefficient or close to complete failure and should be inspected.

Motor Faults – Six Months of R&D in Five Days

In a 5-day sprint, we built a prototype alert for failing motors. Our sensors can uniquely catch these critical issues with MCSA. Ask us for a demo!

One of the great things about working at an innovative startup like Verdigris is the ability to move fast. Really fast. 

Energy Tracker UI/UX Design – The Verdigris Way

Verdigris' Energy Tracker mobile app was redesigned from the ground up to adapt specifically to our users' needs. Here's the UX process we followed.

On the surface, this is a story of how Verdigris redesigned the User Interface ("UI") for a sophisticated electricity monitoring mobile app, Energy Tracker. But like most things that seem simple at first view, there’s a lot more to this story than meets the eye.