What can we help you with?

What is your product roadmap?
We’re working hard to make our platform smarter and more integrated with buildings so that it becomes responsive to human needs. Stay updated by following our Twitter, LinkedIn and blog.
Do you offer any services or sell devices for home or residential use?
While our systems are compatible with standard split-phase residential US panels, we are currently certified for FCC class A only which prohibits its use for typical consumer residential panels.
Interested in joining Verdigris?
Our goal is to heal the planet, and to improve human life by lowering energy waste and gaining energy savings through smart technology. If you would like to help us, please follow the link to our careers page to see what additions to our team may be available.
How can I partner with Verdigris?
If you want to join our Verdigris Certified Professional or resell our services, please contact our business development team at bd@verdigris.co. We are eager to partner with you to bring our capabilities to your customers.
What is your analytics offering?
We have three products:
  • Web dashboard to provide insights on your building's energy consumption.
  • Tracker, a configurable web app, to send you alerts.
  • Lobby dashboard, a visual presentation of your energy use that can be displayed on a screen in your building’s lobby.
Can I analyze my power quality with Verdigris?
There are a number of ways you can use Verdigris to analyze and manage your power quality including: power factor, voltage RMS, and Total Harmonic Distortion. Visit our Help Center to learn more about the Verdigris Power Quality Dashboard.
How long is my energy data stored?
Data is stored on our servers as long as you are subscribed.
If the Verdigirs system loses connectivity, how long will data be stored?
Earlier 4th generation systems will store data for several hours. Our latest 5th generation systems have an offline storage capacity of up to two weeks depending on panel activity.
How do I add a user to the Verdigris App Dashboard?
At this time, users have to be added on our end. Just email support@verdigris.com and we will add the requested users to our Dashboard.
How much data does a Verdigris system use?
A Verdigris system uses 20MB of data per month.
My utility provider is not listed under Authorized Utility Providers?
Verdigris can integrate with any utility that offers access to their API. An overview of utilities that provide this service can be found here. This list is not exhaustive so the best way to determine if your utility can be supported is to contact them and ask if they allow access to their API.
I’m seeing a blank screen in the web app?
Sorry about the blank screen! This can happen sometimes if the app is open for a long time. If you do a hard refresh (ctrl+F5, or ctrl and click the reload button) on Chrome, it should help clear it out. Alternatively, if that does not work, you can see if opening a new window/tab with app.verdigris.co. Finally, if that still doesn't work, you can try clearing your cache and reloading the page. If that does not help, please contact us at support@verdigris.co
How do I create a notification to monitor circuit behavior?
To create a tracker notification to monitor abnormal circuit behavior:
  1. Sign into your account at tracker.verdigris.co
  2. Select the name of your building
  3. Select 'My Trackers"
  4. Select 'Create a tracker' under Auto Setpoint Trackers or Setpoint Trackers
  5. Enter Tracker name, choose circuits you wish to monitor, select 'Specify setpoint automatically' or select 'Specify setpoint manually' and configure thresholds and monitoring times.
  6. Turn on email notifications, and select Save.
What forms of operational efficiency can you detect?
We can help you detect:
  • Broken Equipment – figuring out what’s not working, why, and repairing the problem
  • Unexpected Scheduling – someone on staff changes the BMS schedule incorrectly
  • Undiagnosed Issues – you learn about problems in your building from occupants, not your staff
What is short cycling?
Short cycling is the rapid turning on and off of a mechanical system, and occurs frequently in air-compressors, furnaces, chillers and AC units. It can be caused by dirty air filters, an oversized system, or the differential pressure being set too small. This rapid state-change adds unnecessary stress on the system, reducing its lifespan and efficiency. In addition, it can mean that the air-conditioning running off the chiller, or the power-tools connected to the air-compressor will underperform.
What is motor current signature analysis?
Motor current signature analysis (MCSA) is a highly valuable predictive maintenance tool that we use to detect motor faults. Motor current signals are analyzed and characterized as a waveform. Electrical or mechanical faults contribute to the current signal and impacts the waveform. The current signals are analyzed for specific fault signatures that deviate from expected behavior.
What is disaggregation?
Disaggregation is the ability to detect and track individual appliance loads from the context of their aggregate circuit feeds. Our smart sensors collect thousands of data points per second. This enables us to characterize and separate device signatures, something that would otherwise require a lot of sensors to understand.

For more detailed information about disaggregation, please see our support article tracker.verdigris.co
How do you automatically detect issues?
Verdigris takes hundreds of millions more data points than a utility smart meter - every hour. We use smart sensors that attach to your electrical panel wiring. This enables our artificial technology and algorithms to ’learn’ about your building.
How does Tracker work?
Tracker is a web app found at tracker.verdigris.co that you can configure to notify you about important electricity-based, building activities. When an event you care about happens, you will receive an alert instantly. For example Tracker can inform you of setpoint deviations, equipment operating anomalies, increasing power demand during peak periods, occupancy-based lighting, etc.
How do you detect machine health or motor faults?
Our smart sensors sample information at very high frequency and look for anomalous energy signatures. In the case of motors and other rotary equipment, we can currently detect most rotor bar failures and stator winding faults. We have a rich set of data and are continuing to work on ways to detect more common types of failures.
Do you have an API? How do I export data?
Check out our API documentation here.

Data can also be exported to CSV directly from within the web dashboard. Check out our export data video guide here.
Where can I access the data?
Your data is stored in the cloud and can be accessed from any mobile device. The communications gateway transmits the data either through Verizon 4G/LTE or your WiFi network.
How is Verdigris software (web and firmware) managed, and how is it done remotely?
Verdigris relies on persistent network connectivity to remotely manage and update hardware firmware. Firmware releases are tested and deployed to the full network of Verdigris hardware. The system intelligently unpacks software updates in a separate partition to preserve data collection during upgrade cycles. When the system verifies the complete update, the system boots to the new firmware partition. Updates result in roughly 3-10 seconds of downtime. The system architecture supports future upgrades where we will be able to deploy partial package upgrades to minimize downtime and increase robustness.

For software access, all our current applications are developed as web-based services, accessible via any internet connected device. Software updates are continuously delivered on an ongoing basis. Anyone accessing our systems through a browser will get the latest updates.

Restful API access is versioned and developer keys are authenticated to all versions and a notification is sent to holders of all developer keys when a new API version is released.
What’s included in a system?
Our solutions architects configure our systems to meet your buildings needs, a typical system consists of our smart sensors, link cables, adapters and a gateway. Generally you will need one system for each panel you intend to monitor. A parts list will be included in each install kit.
How much does it all cost?
The cost depends on the number of systems you need. Visit the pricing page to learn more.

More information can also be found at our shop.
How many systems do I need?
It depends what you’re looking to track and where your panels are located. You can get an estimate on the pricing page.
How does Verdigris integrate with my BMS to control lighting, hvac, fans, etc?
We install our highly secure computing appliance onto your existing network operating center via internet. Once configured for your BMS system, our AI will run through a calibrated discovery of your BMS system and identify potential optimizations. Our team of highly skilled solutions architects then work closely with your team or your control vendor to implement the automation strategies that mean the most for your business.
How does your forecasting work?
Verdigris forecasting for Demand Management uses a deep learning recurrent neural network model. It reads a building's energy usage in real time, and, combined with weather or building occupancy, produces a probability distribution for estimated power consumption (kW).

See how Verdigris Demand Forecasting works.
What is demand management?
Demand management means reducing the power that your building uses (demands) at certain times of the day. Demand charges can account for 30-50% of your monthly electrical bill so controlling demand can have significant economic impact. For example, while your kWh rate could be $0.10, the single highest 15 minute usage could be charged at $20.00/kW.

Based on your electricity rate structure, you may be charged for high demand during peak periods of the day.
What is a demand charge?
A demand charge is the largest kW interval for the month. A typical interval would be 15 minutes. An electricity bill often includes two components: total energy consumption (based on $/kWh) and the demand charge (based on $/kW).
Does this require a trained electrician?
While we pride ourselves on the simplicity and ease of our installation process, we recommend working with a trained installer especially when installing in live panels. It typically takes 30-120 minutes for an experienced electrician to install our system.
RMA / Support / Services
How do I return merchandize authorization?
Simply login to the app and request an RMA from the handy customer chat feature in the web app or contact our support team at support@verdigris.co
Do you offer additional energy engineering services?
For existing customers we've previously engaged, we will continue to support your PE needs, but we are no longer offering PE services directly ourselves. We've partnered with a few PE service firms. If you need certifications for compliance, rebates, LEED, or other PE services, please contact your success team for our recommendations.
What are the benefits?
Verdigris is the lens to your building’s energy use. We provide data to help you stay in the know, actionable insights to optimize for efficiency, and automation to help you save operating costs.

With Verdigris, you can:
  • Reduce power usage during peak hours
  • Identify motor problems that could be using excess energy
  • Detect equipment faults before they occur
What makes your product different from other solutions?
Verdigris is different in that it’s a complete end to end solution. It’s faster, more accurate, and easier to set up than any other solution out there.
What is your product?
AI-powered smart sensors and analytics software. Our smart sensors measures your electricity use down to the device level and sends it to the cloud, where our AI aggregates the data into actionable insights for you to see on a web dashboard or a mobile app.
What is Verdigris?
Verdigris is a powerful energy management platform for commercial facilities. Our technology combines proprietary hardware, artificial intelligence, and software applications to deliver actionable insights about your building operations.
Smart Sensors
How are Verdigris hardware systems managed?
Once the manufactured devices are activated on our network, our systems behave very much like a mobile smart phones. Each device is characterized as always-on and architected to dial home. Two-hour heart beats are applied to make sure the network connection is alive. Devices can operate independently without network for up to 2 hours after that they will enter a network keep alive mode where data is backed up and network retry will continue indefinitely. Each device has unique identifiers that can be commissioned through a central system which is managed on our cloud.
How does the system connect to my computer or mobile device?
All of your data is stored in the cloud and is accessible from any device. The communications gateway transmits data either via Verizon 4G/LTE or your WiFi network.
Does the system need any maintenance after it’s installed?
Our systems are connected to an always-on self-healing network. Firmware updates are automatic so that you don't have to worry about routine maintenance. For specific malfunctions or hardware defects, our support team is on standby to fix any issues.
How much energy does the system use from my building?
One gateway with 42 sensors consumes less than 10 watts on average, equivalent to a home wifi router. Our system is powered directly from your electrical panel.
Can Verdigris install on a live electrical panel?
Yes. In certain high-voltage panels without spare breakers, a special live-clamp adapter needs to be installed by a trained electrician. Always use the proper safety precautions when operating in live-voltage conditions and check your local code compliance before attempting a live install.
Where can I install the systems?
Our systems can be installed anywhere there’s a wire with power on building mains, distribution panels and branch circuits. You can capture building level data from primary distribution panel or if you’re looking to target high value or critical systems, we recommend installing on branch circuits.
What wiring can the Verdigris System connect to?
The Verdigris Smart CT can track circuits up to 60A and connect to a wiring size (including insulator) of 58.6mm². Larger CTs available in our shop can monitor 200A, 400A, and 800A circuits. For higher voltages, the maximum wiring size varies by amperage and the CT's own size.
Is Verdigris Certified in my country?
Verdigris is safety certified by TUV Rheinland to meet the listed test requirements for UL 61010. Verdigris is also CSA/CB/CE certified and RoHS/WEEE compliant. Verdigris meets FCC electromagnetic compaitbility standards for Class A commercial use.

UL 61010
IEC 61010-1:2010
CAN/CSA-C22.2 NO. 61010-1-12
CAN/CSA-C22.2 NO. 61010-2-030-12

EN 61326-1:2013
EN 55011:2009+A1:2010
CISPR 11:2009+A1:2010
FCC Part 15 Subpart B:2015


Verdigris works with a number of partners in North America, Western Europe and Asia. If you're interested in learning more about whether Verdigris meets the coverage requirements in your country, please reach out to us at solutions@verdigris.co.
How do I install a system?
Check out the installation video series here.

You clamp the sensors onto your existing circuits and mount the communications gateway on the side of your panel. It takes an electrician 30-120 minutes to install our system.

Check out our English installation manual here.

Check out our Chinese (中文) installation manual here.
What are your hardware specifications?
Check out our hardware specifications here .
What makes it smart?
Our patented sensors track energy through an always-on AI that consumes more detailed information than any other solution, and can learn your equipment over time. It tracks energy output down to the microsecond and has equipment-level data.
What does your smart sensor do?
Our smart sensors clamp onto electrical circuits to track your energy consumption and sends the data securely over Wi-Fi or Verizon 4G/LTE to the cloud.
How accurate are your CTs?
Our Verdigris SmartCTs our ±2% accurate within 1%-100% of their 60A rating. The large CTs are ±0.5% accurate within 10%-120% of their rated amperage and the Rogowski coil CTs are ±0.5% accurate within 0-100% of their rated amperage.
Can your system be installed on outdoor panels?
While our system isn’t natively weatherproof, we can recommend several NEMA rated enclosures for exterior installations. Please contact our solutions team if you need recommendations on the best ways to do so.
Do your systems work with my existing [BAS|BMS|Sensor System]?
Our system is currently compatible with any BACnet/IP based BMS. In cases where BACnet is not available, Verdigris can work with system integrators to bridge BACnet to other types of controls systems.
Does it work in my country?
Our system is currently certified for use in 38 countries including the United States, European Union (32 countries), China, Malaysia, Mexico, India, Canada. While each system natively supports wifi and 4G, we currently have 4G partners in US and are expanding.

These are other territories that accept our CB certificate. Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Columbia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Kenya, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovenia, Serbia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and the United States.
Up to what voltage does the system track?
While our system needs power from 110v up to 600V, we can reliably measure power from any voltage up to 20kV. You can find out more about our technical specifications here.
Can one system track more than one panel?
In some instances, one system can monitor more than one panel - as long as the panels are next to each or less than three feet apart. You can connect up to 42 sensors to a single system which serves as the communications gateway. We may recommend installing more than one system depending on your needs and configuration such as the electrical usage patterns of the facility, the electrical equipment you wish to monitor and where electrical panels are located.
Installation and Commissioning
Do you have a commissioning guide?
Yes, please view our commissioning app guide and commissioning app guide article.

Also, check out the commissioning process in our Verdigris Install 101 video series here.
Do you have an installation video?
Yes, please view our installation videos here.

Also, check out our installation manual here.
What if I can't connect using the included Verizon 4G service? Can the data transmitter connect to my WiFi network?
By default, the system will connect using the included Verizon 4G service if installed within Verizon's coverage area. For a reliable connection, the 4G LTE Signal should be greater than -58 dBm (e.g. -32 dBm). A value of -96 dBm indicates no signal.
If the signal is between -82 dBm and -96 dBm, move the device to an alternate location (preferably an outdoor location). Additionally, the LTE SINR should be greater than 12.5.

To check the 4G LTE signal, use the following resources:
To connect the system via Wi-Fi, open your device's browser, navigate to install.verdigris.co/connect and follow the instructions in our commissioning guide video or page 12 of our commissiong guide article.
We recommend a Wi-Fi signal strength of -85 dBm or better and a minimum bandwidth of 1mbps to provide a stable connection.
To check Wi-Fi signal strength, please perform the following on your relevant device:
How do I install on 480V Delta Panels?
There are two options: tapping from a wall outlet or tapping from a transformer. For step-by-step instructions, please view this document here
How are you able to get accurate power and voltage on a 480V Delta Panel when tapping from a wall outlet?
We use an intelligent algorithm. The algorithm looks at current phases. It then tries to determine the three voltage phases by analyzing the waveforms for best fit sinusoid, or power factor. We then extrapolate the zero crossings and encode that into our system. The net effect of this single phase extrapolation technique is that with Verdigris you can accurately read the voltage and power of a 480V or 14kV feed without being on the line.
How do I regain acess to the commissioning tool?
To reconnect to the Verdigris commissioning tool:
  1. Connect your laptop or mobile device to the Verdigris system's WiFi
  2. If the Verdigris commissioning tool does not automatically open, please go to your browser and enter
  3. Select your country and then select ‘Begin Configuration’

If the Verdigris system's WiFi is not appearing, press the reset the button on the Data Transmitter, wait 30 seconds and retry connecting to the WiFi. If the system's WiFi is still not appearing, cycle power to the system, wait 30 seconds and retry connecting to the WiFi.

For more assistance, please check out our commissioning video, commissioning app guide video, and commissioning app guide article.
How much space does the Verdigris System need?
Clearance and space requirements for the Verdigris System are dependent on your planned install location. At a minimum, there must be at least 15.5” x 5.5” x 5.5” space next to panel or in front of the junction box in the desired mounting location. This applies to Breaker Panel and Junction Box installations respectively. For installations near the breaker panel in Dry Wall, there must be at least a 16” x 5.5” x 5.5” space on the wall near the panel. In all cases, make sure there is a 1” clearance around the Data Transmitter vent holes, when mounted.
Can the Verdigris System be locked?
While the Verdigris System's enclosure does not offer a lock, it does have an IP30 rating. That means it will keep any errant fingers and tools out of the casing and away from possible tampering. The breaker box you install to may have a lock, and locking NEMA enclosures are available in many sizes.
Does the Verdigris System work both indoors or outdoors?
The Verdigris System's design is for use indoors, or in temperature controlled environments. It works best between 0º and 30ºC, or 32º-104ºF, and has an Ingress Protection rating of 30 (IP30 rating). This means that the case it comes in offers protection from things like dust, but it won't keep out liquids. When installed outdoors, a Temperature Controlled NEMA enclosure should be used. Please consult us for NEMA Enclosure recommendations or questions. For more information, please refer to our Verdigris Specifications page.

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