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Energy Tracker App

Get real-time alerts on unexpected events in your facility

Real-time Notifications, Wherever You Are

The Verdigris Energy Tracker sends notifications about activity in your building. When an event you care about happens, you'll receive an email instantly. You can also just check the mobile app at any time.

Go on with your day – we’ll let you know when something needs attention.

  • Day-ahead building demand forecasts and peak alerts
  • Know when equipment, machinery, or fixtures are on/off at unexpected times
  • Access from anywhere, on any device - all you need is an internet connection and web browser

See how Tracker helps facility operators and general managers

Find Operational Inefficiencies

  • Be as specific as you want and set all the parameters: track which circuits, power thresholds, time of day and day of week
  • Know if AC pre-cooling is beginning too early, or too late
  • Tell your night shift when they’ve left the lights on

Automate Building Management

  • “Do it for me” setpoint tracker uses our artificial intelligence to figure out what is normal for your building, sending alerts for abnormal events
  • Get alerted about building drift as soon as it begins
  • Know if a motor suddenly starts to draw more power and overheat

Predict and Reduce Demand Peaks

  • Day-ahead hourly demand forecast for your building
  • Advance alerts tell you when to enact your demand management plans the day before
  • Save on demand charges, which can cost up to 50% of your monthly bill

Find Equipment Failures and Building Issues

  • Get alerted the moment a motor or pump stops working or shows signs of failure
  • Tracks signs of overheating such as current and voltage unbalance in motors
  • Identifies other motor problems, like excessive power cycling

New Features Coming Soon

Tracker is a powerful platform, powered exclusively by high-definition data from Verdigris. We’re always working on ways we can make this data even more usable.

Curious to know what we can do? Tell us what’s important in your facility!

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