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Usable Energy Data with Proven Results

Our customers use real-time, device-level energy data to save time and money


"Most GMs want to know what's going on in their hotels. By having a system like Verdigris, you can delegate that information so you don't have to be in ten places at the same time.
Just let Verdigris do that for you."

Juan Bueno
General Manager, Orchard Hotel Group
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“Long-term, with Verdigris we’re able to monitor our electrical system without being present, and we don’t have that kind of monitoring equipment currently. I can find problems sooner rather than later by having this system installed.”

Bill DeMartini
Chief Engineer, W Hotel San Francisco
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“Verdigris' service brings buildings to life in a way not possible without IoT, and their innovative analytics. We found nothing else that compared to the accuracy, granular data and analytics Verdigris has developed.”

David Kipling
Vice President Corporate Investments, Jabil Circuit
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“Verdigris was down to the detail, so it was useful to know where we were losing money… It was good to know that my hunches of savings or wasting can be monitored.”

Jim O’Brien
Sunnyvale Operations Manager, Vention Medical
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Case Studies

Orchard Hotel Group

See how Verdigris helped the Orchard Hotel Group improve the efficiency of its understaffed engineering team.

W Hotel San Francisco

In just three months, Verdigris identified over $13,000 of energy waste and equipment problems in the kitchen at the W Hotel.

Smart Buildings Center

"If granular real-time monitoring, monthly M&V reports, and equipment-level monitoring/alerts is required, Verdigris is the better option."

Vention Medical

Vention approached Verdigris to get help going above and beyond their customers' specific requirements for sustainability.